Unknowing Alpha

**Book two of Alpha and Beta**

Synopsis: When Alpha shows up at Bethany’s house in a car only a millionaire can afford, she realizes he is anything but the middleclass boy she thought him to be, and is concerned about what other secrets he holds.

Series of frontal attacks inform her of an unknown enemy. To make things even worse, Alpha who should be by her side deserts her and returns to being his old self, the lone Alpha. Bethany finds herself unknowing the Alpha she has tried so hard to know.

Will she accept the end of their relationship, or will she struggle to unmask the secrets behind his distance?

This is the second and last book in the series and can be downloaded by clicking on any of the sites below:




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Knowing Alpha is now available on Lulu!

After weeks and weeks of being lazy, and escaping my responsibility of editing Knowing Alpha, I finally, FINE-ALLEY did it!

And now, it's available for download on Lulu

And no, there isn't any paperback format. Sorry, love. Anyway, if you haven't read this book already, please grab your copy via this link:

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Join the millions (Okay, just kidding. Join the hundreds) of others who have downloaded 'Knowing Alpha', and spice up your day with Alpha and Beta's beautiful story.

Here, let me share two awesome reviews with you:

Valenciya Lyons 
I really like the series. Bethany has a crush on a guy who barely knows she exists. Or does he? The notes that pop up in her locker was a really sweet thing to do. Once I started readin…

Knowing Alpha is now available on Smashwords

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Knowing Alpha has been on Smashwords for a while now, and I'm sorry this is coming late.

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A Chance For Love

**Inspired by Cinderella**

Genre(s): Teen fiction, mystery, romance

Meet ACFL, my first novel and the first book in the Twisted Tale series. The Twisted Tale series is a collection of stories brought together by their roots in Disney's top fairy tales.

Warning: A Chance For Love is not your typical Cinderella-inspired story.

If you're searching for a 100, 000+ word novel with elements of romance, love, hate, forgiveness, revenge, and a generous spray of mystery, then give A Chance For Love a chance.

Synopsis: "The loss of Victoria Brown's father places her at the mercy of her stepfamily who are bent on making her life miserable. Turning her into a pitiful maid, they force her to live a modern day reenactment of Cinderella. But they don't know that where there's a Cinderella, there's a Fairy Godmother and a Prince Charming who would do anything to bandage the damage in her life.

When an arrogant new student shows up in class, Victoria hates him at first sight.…

Knowing Alpha

**Book one of Alpha and Beta**

Genre(s): Teen Fiction, Romance

I have never been one for short stories. Imagine how shocked I was to find myself writing this. I must admit, though, that it feels good to have completed two books already!

Knowing Alpha, book one of the Alpha and Beta duology, is a short story you can read in ten minutes, or less. The second book, Unknowing Alpha is under construction.
Synopsis: Bethany Howell, aka Daddy's Little Princess, is your typical spoilt rich girl. For the first time, she notices Alpha Jordan, a classmate, and craves his attention. But trying to get close to him always leaves her with a broken heart.

An unknown admirer, nicknamed Mr. Anonymous, writes her letters every day. These letters always mend her heart after Alpha breaks it like it's made of glass.

Although Alpha's attitude toward her makes it clear he dislikes her, she refuses defeat and sets out to win his heart. Will Alpha ever give her a chance to know him?

Yes? No? Maybe?

Click o…